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Hi everyone and welcome to my Football Dribbling Skills websites.Football has been my favorite game ever since I was 11 years old and over the years I have watch others playing style to improve my skills that I have learn.

Being a kid from Asia Country like Myanmar with a limited opportunity, I try my best training football dribbling skils inside my old garden for hours on end.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about kicking the ball, a lot about dribbling,a lot about exercises that help you to improve your speed and skills.And I want to offer some updated tips and techniques that the real pros are using these days.

A Story About My Football Life

As you know I have been playing football when I was 11 to until now. I play football anytime i was free like breaktime at school or after school, we have football pitch at school so I have been training my dribbling skills at there for most of the time until I graduate. Now I have been working most of my time so only less time to play football.


Game Has Changed

Nowadays Football game was more popular and peoples love football so much. They watch the game from online and copy the skills to practice their own play style. Different positions require different skill sets and different body types, football these days is hinged on ability to kick the ball harder to direct positions,dribbling skills,speed,agility and stamina.

So I am going to be discussing here is going to improving your skill set,with an underlying focus always being on kicking skills,speed,agility and stamina.

The game has changed and so does the way you need to develop your skills


Practice Make Perfect

There is no point practicing If you’re going wrong way and you are not being using the important time that you have. Watch the pros play style and copy to make your own style to practice dribbling on the pitch for an hours or two with the right motivation and the right drills and exercise.

This can leads you to better kick, more skill, better defense and more stamina playing on the pitch.

So have a look around to make your dibbling skill perfect.

To hard kick and skills 


Founder of Football Dribbling Skills

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