Play Football Like Pro- Impossible For You?

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Play Football Like Pro

Thinking back to when I first played football I was living in Myanmar, Mandalay. I still remember playing a final tournament at school. To this day, it was one of the most memorable times in my life. I guess because football has been my favorite sport until now.

You can probably remember your first game too! I don’t remember having any questions about how you get better at football. But when I turn 11 I remember watching pro football game wondering if I practice more than others I can play football like pro when I become adult. So I practice a lot and now I want to share some experience for peoples like me!

First Steps Is How You Get Better At Football

Knowing the right fundamentals and then learning proper mechanics. It’s important to know why these are going to help players overall game. Then when practicing, being corrected so you now what is right or wrong. Then the players will improve fast because they practice correct way. And these practice let them get quick wins on the field.

I don’t mean winning the game, but winning your own battles on the field. Feeling more comfortable with the ball, and most important is not losing the ball. One of the keys to football is don’t lost the ball. Don’t worry about your skills are, just try not to lose the ball. If you complete 70% of your pass that good. Unless you’re key player of your team your goal should be to not ever lose the ball.

Players who train solo, now that the practice from the week before had a lot to do with the success in their games. If you want to improve either get a trainer or work on the right things with teammates or family members. Doing the proper amount of practice is going to be the key. You can do all the right drills, but if you are not doing them enough it won’t sink in. If you are working on precision passing, start off where things are easy. Once you get it smooth and consistent, then start to challenge yourself by using a smaller target.Play Football Pro

3 Elements To Help You Get Better At Football

Find a wall, teammate, family member or skills trainer and work on the basic. In football, you have to know these 3 elements for sure: Know how to trap, pass and dribble will make you feel much more comfortable at practice and in game. It will help you become a better player because when you are comfortable with the ball it makes it easier to go and win the ball. These 3 elements are what you are going to want to now in terms of controlling the ball.

The thing most players don’t now is how to have form, what parts of the foot to connect with the ball and also all the ways to pass, trap and dribble. You have to practice using the inside, outside, sole, top of both feet. Don’t just practice using the strong foot, make sure you spend time with the weak foot.

Prepare yourself for any saturation in the games! You don’t want to keep getting the ball you are not comfortable shooting or passing with weak foot. You can’t bet that you don’t need to use both feet on the field. So spend more time with the ball at home or school.

Spend Time Doing Right Thing

Spend your time working on passing with both feet as well as trapping with both feet. Thinking about what you mess up in games and go from there. Finding what your weakness are and improving in those areas is vital. If you are really good at passing with your right foot then practice more time with your left foot. If you can dribble very well, but you can’t kick the ball far with strength & power then work on that.


Ball On The Wall To Improve Kicking And Passing

All the peoples who really love football have done this before when you are young. Spending time kicking the ball against the wall to improve your kicking and passing skills. And it’s one of the best thing you can do to improve your game you need to work on. I can tell you that the main reason I learned to pass and shoot, using different techniques is because I spent time with my ball and the wall. It’s better than using person because with the wall it comes back to you right away. One of the best things about training solo is when you mess up nobody sees it. This means you don’t have to embarrassed or get sports anxiety because feeling like that will only slow down your progress.


Sharing Is Caring

I have share all my experience that I now to you guys. Like I said spend more time with football if you want to play football like pro. Practice make you perfect, Find what your weakness are and improving in those areas. I am happy to help you! Good Luck!

4 thoughts on “Play Football Like Pro- Impossible For You?

  1. Hey,

    I am a Liverpool fan and I used to play football years ago. I would love to teach my nephew but as we are in lockdown I cannot see him. So, coming across this article will really help him because he can practice what you have put down here. I have forwarded on your article and I have advised him to comment.

    Thanks for sharing such a great article and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    Hopefully football will come back and Liverpool can win the league.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom,
      I really appreciate that you have enjoy reading my article and I wish I can help you and your nephew with this. I will try my best to write more article to help other.
      And I believe Liverpool will win the league! Trust me!
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Hey Jasper. Love what you are doing here. Your site looks great and the information is very detailed. I am currently taking my daughter through football drills, and so will use these tips. Thank you.

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